Target the Needle and Not the Haystack

Deynoodt Marketing provides clients in the RV, Camper and ATV industry proprietary
InMarket Leads to move more merchandise and let your business dominate the market.

In-Market Consumers Who are Ready to Buy

No longer does your business have to advertise to a large group of consumers that you “think” may be in market to buy. Now, we know exactly who is in the market to buy at the moment you are selling. Deynoodt Marketing knows the names of real people in-market across the United States that are considering buying a recreational vehicle such as RVs, Campers, and ATVs.

Crazy, right?! Our technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify actual buyers. The benefit to you as a dealer is that instead of casting a wide net to advertise to any and every potential client, we can target your advertising efforts to get in front of these people alone – eliminating the costly waste associated with traditional marketing efforts. This technology is being adopted by Fortune 500 companies, including Wal-Mart, but is now available to certain industries across the country. This is the start of the future of advertising, and it is available to your business today when you work with Deynoodt Marketing.

We execute our targeted marketing on a multi-channel program that includes many forms of digital marketing, including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Banner Ads and Remarketing, and Mobile – or a combination. But, we can also hit them traditional marketing such as email, direct mail, or phone campaigns.

Every possible channel. Every possible platform.

Point blank: We advertise only to the needles in a haystack, not the haystack itself. Our data focuses solely on buyers, thus lowering your ad budget and focusing your marketing on those who we know are interested in buying your product.

At Deynoodt Marketing, we like to work hard and have fun – but we never take ourselves too seriously.  We do, however, take our client’s business seriously and work hard every day to promote their business. Whether we are giving life to a new brand or resuscitating an old one, our mission is to develop good, sound marketing strategies that will stand the test of time.

Mann, President/CEO

In-Market Leads + Superior Strategy = SALES SUCCESS

If what you are doing now does not gain a high percentage of business, there is a good chance it is because your strategy does not directly address how to beat rivals, substitutes, powerful consumers, powerful suppliers, and the threat of entry. We analyze these five forces that you compete against as a company for profit, and explore a strategy that attacks and wins more of the percentage of business you are presently not getting.

If you are interested in a strategy that can deliver against all five of these forces, while bringing on new clients at an affordable acquisition cost, then give us a call.


InMarket has been tested in multiple industries and is being adopted by extremely large corporations. Fortune 500 companies, including Wal-Mart’s eye center is an early adopter of the technology and is using it as part of their strategy. The bottom line is that this is the next wave of digital marketing that you can use to your advantage, or have the competition use it against you.

In the case studies below we will break down how well this has worked for the Auto industry (Sales and Services), as well as for the Marine Industry (Boat Sales). These are just a few small examples on how well it works, but it should illustrate how well it can work for the RV/ ATV industry, especially since they are so similar in the strategies that could be applied to a multi-channel marketing approach.

These campaigns simply illustrate what can be achieved by using InMarket leads. The technology used is owned and controlled by Deynoodt Marketing for the RV/Camper/ATV business and as a result of the nature of the data, we only work with one business in each industry, making it exclusive to your business. No one else can claim that they have this technology or can utilize this type of advanced, machine learning, AI information.

Mississippi Hyundai Dealership

In the first example, which is an automotive dealer in Mississippi, an InMarket campaign’s goal was to sell 120 cars over 90 days. At the end of the program, the dealership sold 155 automobiles (99 new cars and 56 used cars). So, in essence, the program influenced 155 buyers for the dealership, exceeding the goal.

Florida Honda Auto Dealership

Our next case is also an auto dealer, this time a Honda Dealership in Florida. The goal with the campaign was to sell 30 cars over 60 days using InMarket Leads and a multi-channel campaign. The campaign included ads posted to FaceBook, Instagram, Banners on the Internet, YouTube, eMail, and Google AdWords. Over the course of the campaign, the dealer sold 43 cars, including 29 new cars and 14 used cars.

Ohio Auto Repair

The next case, an Ohio Auto Repair shop was looking to develop new business for people that were in market for brakes, oil changes, and any other auto repair related work that needed to be done. By using InMarket leads the campaign produced 1,000 list. Prior to using the leads, the list was scrubbed against the “Do Not Call” list. The campaign included a simple phone call by the manager, who simply asked the customer if they were in market for any auto repairs and if so, we would love to offer a free inspection on the vehicle. Of the 250 on the list, 177 took the offer and 77 bought service, generating $30,800 in sales at a 60% profit margin.

Boat Salesman Long Island – Winter

In February, a boat dealer was looking to increase sales during what is traditionally a dormant period for sales. Using InBound, the data produced 2,300 people that were in market for a boat. The campaign turned the leads into a list of names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails, and small banner ads were run online. After the banner ads were run, we emailed the list stating that our boat salesman client had decades of experience and was available to help make sure their next boat purchase was the right one for their needs. As a result of the effort, $367,000 worth of boats were sold to the InMarket advertising group – truly a successful venture in the middle of winter.

It’s time to make your move.

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